Bake #4: Focaccia

The Challenge:

A focaccia, with flavorful toppings of our choice

My Bake:

Focaccia with blue-cheese, pear and walnut topping

What happened?

Feeling good. Bread is my area. We have done focaccia fairly often at home. Judith usually makes it but I’ve done it a couple of times so this should not be a problem. I wanted to do something a bit different so I went for nice rich flavor of blue-cheese pear and walnut.

Everything went pretty much according to plan. Focaccia is a wet dough which is a bit tricky to work with so the stretch and fold technique is the perfect kneading method. Then I discover the proofing drawer. I’ve never had one of these. It’s very exciting. It’s a drawer that keeps things warm! … yeah well I thought it was exciting. So it’s great for speeding up the proving process, but as we would later discover – it’s a trap!

But on with Focaccia – it proved perfectly, I rolled and dimpled and added my caramelized onions, pears and other toppings. I was starting to run a bit out of time and would have liked to let it go a little longer but it was fine. All in all not much to say on this one – it worked!


Both judges liked the flavor and the look. It had the correct focaccia structure. All in all a great bake – and Dan loved it too!


Yay! Bread week is going to be fantastic! Star baker for sure! I can taste victory! What can possibly go wrong?


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