The Challenge:

Bake a show-stopping bread center-piece with a sweet filling.

My Bake:

A layered star-bread with middle-eastern inspired flavors of date and cardamon.

What happened?

Having produced completely inedible bagel-shaped raw dough rings. I knew I had to pull something good in this bake to stay in the game. I was pretty sure this star bread would do it all I had to do was make it perfectly. The dough is actually lovely to work with. Very soft and pleasant when you get it right.

The filling is all about getting the spices right but it smells fantastic!  I got the idea for the filling for this bread from an article on middle eastern sweet treats. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the link any more but these were based on the filling of a cookie from Iraq called a Kleicha I made a few changes to make it more appropriate for a bread but the main flavor is still there.

The main thing with assembling this is that the dough is really soft so if you try and spread the filling just directly on it will rip the dough apart. So I came up with this idea of rolling the filling out in sheets and laying it down on the bread layers. It worked really nicely and the assembly went perfectly.

I got it done in good time and the simple pistachio and honey glaze gives it a lovely finish. Pretty pleased with this one!


The breads all looked pretty spectacular so I was feeling like it was stiff competition. Mine looked a little small in comparison to some but it looks great from the top! I think Bruno and Rochelle were pleasantly surprised when they cut in to see the layers. Which frankly so was I – they looked better than they ever had before! It was perfectly baked and Rochelle described the flavor as delightful. So a definite come-back!


It worked great. I might have just saved my neck!


I still wasn’t sure I’d done enough so I was super nervous. I didn’t have a great idea of who stood where so I was actually quite surprised when Sinclair was sent home. I breathed a sigh of relief but felt rather frustrated to have been in the danger zone. Bread is my thing. I should have done better.


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