Halloween is cardboard season!

We have a long running tradition in our family  of making our Halloween costumes from cardboard. I love working with corrugated cardboard. It’s surprisingly versatile. With judicious scoring and folding and cutting you can make a whole range of curves and other shapes. Over the years we’ve done R2 D2, a yellow submarine and a puffin. This year Red asked for a dinosaur – velociraptor to be precise. Luckily we just took delivery of 2 seriously overpackaged plant-pots from a popular online general retailer. These were a couple of truly gigantic, heavy duty cardboard boxes – ideal for sculpting!

So I usually start with a quick sketch and then dive right in to the cardboard. The body of this costume is basically a bodice of cardboard attached using velcro with a curved tail. I cut out a pattern for the bodice and the upper face of the tail from a single piece of cardboard. The body comes together under the arms to give a double thickness at the front with a couple of shoulder straps coming down.

Judith painted it – with the help of Red!

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